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3 Steps to stay ahead in the job market

Stay ahead in the job market

If you want to be the one deciding your own professional future: where, how, and when to work, then you came to the right place

We are here to learn how to be winners creating our own route. We build our path for ourselves, we don’t let others decide for us. 

Establishing the right mindset

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The job market moves in the same way as the economy does: following the law of supply and demand.

While a profession like a typist was in high demand 40 years ago, today is not the case.

The job market doesn’t care if you only know how to be a typist, how to design a building, or how to program in an old programming language. 

Maybe you spent years building your career, but if there isn’t demand for that set of skills, I have bad news for you: You won’t be the one deciding your own future.

Step 1: What a time to be alive

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How do we know what skills are in high demand? It’s way easier than you think. Actually, you can check your skills right now. Avoid asking around to people with biases, go to the top job search engines: Linkedin or Indeed

Just set the location where you’re at and type down your most important technical skill, certification, degree, or job title. In this way, for free, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have a customized market research.

Step2: Starting at the end

The standard process is: build your set of skills first and then look for job openings. We, winners, do it backward: we look for skills in high demand by analyzing job opening positions and then we build our skills.

This, my friend, is what set you and me apart. From here we can create our own route.

Developing your skills

You already know what skills really matter, now what? Now you learn them! Don’t worry, in a bunch of cases you don’t have to spend your life savings. Platforms like Udemy make it easy for us. In Udemy you can learn about writing, coding, managing, and much more. Other platforms are Skillshare, Edx, Coursera, or Udacity.

The kind of education that I propose to you is cheap, but top quality. That’s that path that I followed and now I receive at least 1 job offer a day through Linkedin: 

Step 3: Saying goodbye to sunk cost fallacy

Do you remember sunk cost fallacy and how to avoid it? If not, here is the article.

My friend, I know you spent lots of time and effort building that “typist” career. None said letting go is easy, but as in toxic relationships: does that partner (in this case, career) is dragging you down?

There is much more to win in the long run than there is to lose. Do you want to be free? Do you want to be the one creating your own route?

This is definitively a different approach to professional life. Do you have another tip to share?


  • Job Market follows the law of supply and demand.
  • Market research is easier than ever before.
  • You don’t have to go bankrupt to learn new skills.
  • Don’t let the sunk cost fallacy drag you down.

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