Creating Routes

Suddenly Growing up

Suddenly Growing up

A new beginning

For certain cultures, it is said that once you reach 18 years old you are supposed to leave your parents’ home. On the other hand, depending on the local economy and mindset it is considered normal to live with your parents until you are around 25 years old.

This was my case, I was raised in a country where you should have 3 to 4 jobs to make ends meet. So, leaving home with just one regular income as the only cash flow entering into the bank account was not an option.

For several years in a row, my home country’s economy did no other that fall sharply, and with that, cultural problems arose, like unsafety on the streets.

During my entire life, I grew up basically just studying hard. Thanks to my middle-class parents I had the opportunity to just focus on my career.

Obtaining a university degree was the safest way to escape from that country since it would increase the possibility of landing a good job in a new country.

One year prior to finishing my studies, I took the opportunity to participate in a student exchange program. This exchange program was my ticket to a new living, where everything was supposed to be easier. Without second thoughts, I filled up my luggage and departed 8000 km away from home.


If your belongings, your economic security, friends, and family are taken away from you, what do you remain with?

The mindset and knowledge is something that cannot be taken away from you. I personally experienced it when I had to work during nights while studying full time in one of the most difficult universities in a new country. Adapting to a new language, culture, and weather was nothing compared to the economic struggle. But those moments, hitting bottom, are special because creativity awakens.

Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention“.

Overwhelmed by the suffocating burden, my brain started figuring ways to escape from that situation. Solutions that I have never thought about, were now possibilities opening up for me.

Sleeping 6 hours a day and living in the living room to save money taught me more than three university careers. Going out of my comfort zone in such a brief period of time made me start watching life in a different way. Thanks to this paradigm shift, I managed to finish my master’s degree in two years and land not one but three full-time jobs within those two years, increasing my income by 500%.

Paradigm shift

It is more than a little ironic that when I look for motivation, I see myself some years ago. When I used to work at a restaurant 16 hours a day, where the bosses were morons that tended to yell at you instead of talking to you. They knew that everybody in their staff was struggling financially, so they could take advantage of the staff because they did not have any other place to go.

When I feel anxious, I picture myself going in tears after the hardest night shift of my whole life: when I regretted every choice that I had made in my life. That night was special to me, it made me realize that there is always another way, another route. But building a new route would require a humongous amount of effort.

Since that night, my paradigm completely changed. I left aside activities such: watching a movie, going out to walk, and sleeping more than it is needed. I knew that to get out of the restaurant, I would have to work even harder on side hustles.

Unstoppable like a truck

Being productive became my mojo. I started promoting myself as a Spanish teacher, and after two weeks, my first client appeared.

Freelancing sites turned into my obsession. As soon as I got home, I started applying for online jobs that could vary from Virtual Assistant to 3D designer. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but I managed to start a project with a German startup that wanted to build small yard houses on demand.

After that, I did several university-related projects for people in Africa.

During summer, I worked again as a waiter during the day, but in a more relaxed atmosphere. While in the nights, I wrote a thesis for a guy in England that I had found through a freelancing platform. And during my little free time, I looked for white-collar jobs.

I landed my first “normal” job at the end of the summer. I was accepted as a database developer intern in a well-recognized company. It was a full-time paid internship. This was the sweet reward of my paradigm shift.

Then, it came the time to work 8 hours a day and study during nights, but no more economic struggle. Taking advantage of the mindset that I had developed during the previous month; it was easy to study and work. I even arranged my schedule to retake the gym.

Being graceful

I’m happy that I went through that mental and economic struggle. That situation built a solid ground in my mind that I constantly use for decision-making.

Now I read, study, and train my mind to avoid getting into the same overwhelming situation.

E-learning MBA program that understands the new era

The innovative MBA business model

I have always had a passion for the finance and entrepreneurship world. Attending an MBA has been in my plans for very long, but the problem is that they are way too expensive. So when I got contacted by one of the admission employees from Quantic and told me about a free MBA program, I thought it was for sure a scam. I’m quite sure you would have thought the same.

It didn’t take me more than a couple of Google searches to realize that it was an authentic MBA. Therefore, I decided to go on and pursue my passion.

Quantic School of Business and Technology’s MBA is an online program with an innovative business model: It doesn’t charge students directly. Instead, they charge companies who are interested in connecting to students, making possible to deliver free education.

Comparing Quantic’s MBA course program to the “traditional” MBA that my brother is attending right now: I can tell it is very similar.

Information made easier for students

Content is delivered on interactive slides on their online site. In that way, it’s possible to consume the information from the pc, tablet or smartphone.

And, the cherry on the cake: it is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) in the US.

The amount of text in every slide is just the needed, so students don’t get bored. Furthermore, there is a progression bar on top of the page that tracks your advancement towards the end. Having this bar tricks your mind in staying engaged. The progression level helps you have an idea of how much information is left to finish the chapter, so you kind of force yourself to finish it.

Since content is delivered on chunk of texts, I was expecting a very formal voice. But to my surprise, the tone used in the slides wasn’t that formal.

Easy-to-digest paragraphs made it easier for me to understand complex arguments. For instance, before studying at Quantic, I spent months trying to understand the different types of statistical tests and when to use one instead of the other. In the end, I ended up frustrated because it was so hard to understand.

Three months after starting the program, I found the same topic in the Statistics section. This time, it was much easier to understand though. I didn’t even have trouble understanding different probability distributions.

Good service doesn’t need paid advertisement

Sometimes, when a product or service is so good, you want to tell your friend about it. This is known as word-of-mouth or WOM for short (I added this terminology to my vocabulary thanks to Quantic), a way of advertisement. Actually, this was my case. I was so happy with the online program that I recommended Quantic to a friend. Now he is halfway towards the end.

Forcing yourself

Maybe because of my habit of writing into my notebook, I found myself at times lagging on the set schedule. If it wasn’t for the two vacation periods (one on summer and other on Christmas), it would had been difficult for me to get back on track.

Not everything was perfect, of course. The final exam covered an overwhelming quantity of topics:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leading Organizations
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Finance
  • Supply chain & Operations
  • Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship

I’m happy to say that taking advantage of my notes, I managed to obtain a 92% score. But for someone who doesn’t take notes and have a very tight schedule, it is going to be hard studying for that final exam.

Useful Information that I take home

After having finished the MBA program, I can say that now I know that:

  1. Pricing is a marketing strategy and not simply the result of making profit over the cost of goods sold.
  2. Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more costly than retaining one.
  3. If you want to optimize (from the economic point of view) the quantity of perishable products in your inventory, you should use the Newsvendor model.
  4. Before making a decision, you better take into consideration the opportunity cost associated.
  5. The riskiest investment is not investing at all. And I would add: especially in your education.

An entire year has passed since I applied for the program. Now I am more acquitted about business and administration. This was possible thanks to an innovative business model that is capable of teaching thousands of students for free and delivering high-quality education.

The COVID-19 situation has made us realized that there are some industries that are going to change forever, I want to think that online learning is one of those.